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Contractors Insurance

Contractors are likely to require contractors’ liability insurance for their business operations. Capital Partners Insurance Agency, Inc offers a comprehensive range of contractors’ liability insurance products designed to cater to the needs of various contractor types, including plumbers, commercial drywall contractors, and electricians. Additionally, the agency also provides Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance coverage for contractors seeking to offer their employees additional protection.

Capital Partners Insurance Agency, Inc provides various forms of contractors’ liability coverage. The Primary General Liability insurance is recommended for commercial and residential subcontractors, commercial general contractors, and residential home builders. This comprehensive coverage encompasses a broad range of topics, including but not limited to, infrastructure projects such as highway, street, and road work; utility installation and maintenance for water, sewer, and pipelines; power distribution; plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems; painting and wallpaper installation; electrical systems; stone masonry work; plastering, drywall, and acoustical ceiling installation; terrazzo, tile, marble, and mosaic construction; carpentry; water well drilling; excavation; and residential home building. This study aims to investigate the provision of lead umbrella and excess liability insurance for commercial and residential subcontractors, general contracts, and residential home builders.

Additionally, in conjunction with these distinctive attributes specific to contractors’ liability insurance, Capital Partners Insurance Agency, Inc provides a range of alternative insurance options that may be deemed necessary by contractors. General liability insurance covers typical claims that result from routine activities, such as accidents from slipping on a wet surface. The coverage of completed operations involves two distinct categories of insurance. Product insurance provides coverage for damage or injury resulting from the sale or installation of a product, regardless of the manufacturer’s liability. The completed operations insurance is designated to provide coverage for damage or injury arising from the workmanship, repair, or service rendered by the insured party. The scheduled equipment insurance provides coverage for significant tools and machinery utilized by either an individual or their employees in the course of their work, including but not limited to welders and generators. Hand tools are encompassed by a broad and inclusive category. The electronic data processing insurance pertains to the coverage of hardware susceptible to mechanical failures or electrical power surges, as well as software vulnerable to sabotage and unintentional destruction. Construction insurance is a policy that provides coverage for damages sustained to a property during the construction process. Bond insurance provides coverage for bonds in the event of default or failure to complete a contracted job. Additional insurance options that may be beneficial for your contracting business encompass workers’ compensation and trucking or commercial automobile insurance.

At Capital Partners Insurance Agency, Inc, a diverse range of contractors’ liability insurance coverage options is available for individuals and businesses. We invite prospective clients to consult with one of our seasoned and well-informed commercial insurance plan representatives who will gladly provide guidance and assistance to ascertain the most suitable coverage for their individual needs. We are pleased to offer our assistance in addressing any inquiries you may have and in facilitating the identification of the most suitable, cost-effective, and comprehensive contractors’ liability insurance coverage for both you and your business. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.